curious lyrics (feat. juelz santana) – danny fernandes

santana aiit
mr danny fernandez ya dig
its goin downn

i’m curious
i’m curious
baby i’m curious
i’m curious

[verse 1]
lady, yeah, when i walked into the room i saw you
you were there with your girls all dressed up in dark blue
standing over there acting like it ain’t about to go down
and maybe if i take you back to my place then just maybe
i can put my hands on your beautiful body
makin love night and day
baby its about to go down

i’m curious. i wanna know how you look without your dress,

when your makeups off your hairs a mess, on top of me kissin’ my chest {x2}

[verse 2]
and baby, yeah, never thought i’d be the one to ever say this
so excuse my words girl, i just cant resist
the way you look tonight; act like it’s about to go down.
and baby yeah, when you lick your lips like that it drives me crazy
that look in your eye, it’s just so s*xy
so close your eyes, and let it slide, cuz baby, it’s about to go down


let’s go gang, ya dig?
i’m curious to see how you look underneath that skirt, baby i wanna peek, i wanna see what i’m about to get myself intooo, i’m ’boutta get myself into you, like j. holiday, i puts em to bed, sleep. snooze, but thats after i make’em leak ooze i super man that oh, ha, but i’m not like soulja boy, baby you could call me magnum man trojan boy, get you wetter than a drink in a plastic cup, like a bet commercial i wraps it up, so back it up like a tractor truck, i smack it up like a spatula, now tell me who wants pancakes? i want pancakes, we want pancakes


im curious, i wanna know how you look without your dress, when your makeup’s off,
your hair’s a mess on top of me kissin my chest

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