current of death lyrics – holocaust

waahhhhhaaaa sofort

about a world so brave and wise – the rising sun sublime
after years back from the war – a new age of time
but they haven`t learned a thing – the cold war`s going on
it`s an old nightmare of mine – the fight it can`t be won

current of death (3x)
solopart sofort dann rein
in their minds there is no right – they say my brain ain`t right
leaders, madness in their eyes – give orders to the blind
the fishes in a waves their swimming with the stream
i`m creeping in the desert, drowned in the sea

break mit solo und ubergangsbreak zum chorus

current of death (3x)
peace and freedom everyday – humanity decays
is god dead or has he gone – the devil is amazed
sadness fear in any thoughts, you will die, no way out
they survived the h*llish breath, to live on in the….

current of death……..gezogen direkt rein

current of death (3x)

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