cut-throat dialogue lyrics – he the deceiver

lying in a pile of her excremental waste
as i grind and decompose every bone she has left
gnawing on her entrails as i’m emptying the large
pleasuring myself inside her who knows how much more i
can take
who needs to fuel the fire, we’ve got her ashes to purge
a human life i have confiscated as my own dead slave of

this is your punishment;

i waited silently as they checked her rotted body
the laughter inside me will surely never end; i let it
my deed has been fufilled and now i shall walk free.
will she walk, no never again
but this isnt where it ends

take a f*cking seat

a misconceptual grief hauling murderer
has battered and disposed of your loving child
how can you live?

the mourning of a murder will now begin.

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