da one lyrics – da one

oh god i ask thee!
why is my life chose for vanity,
why don’t you just vanish me!
from all exsistance,
can’t you see i ask with persistance?
i’ll even go to h*ll,
and dwell,
in the flames as i see my soul swell,
and blister from the heat,
to see it bleed like raw meat,
that’ll make my life complete.
so take me away,
to where the demons play,
where the lost souls roam that have fallen astray,
here i come satan give way,
i will be the evil prince for a day,
let me show you the chaos that i can cause today.
watch how i make a child forget to pray,
and fill the air with evilness like a spray.
i’ll make more poeple committe suidcide,
every night i’ll make them cry,
by killing their pride,
tearing them up from the inside,
til they decide to just die,
let him suffer more,
and turn his lil princess into the biggest wh*r*,
and wait i won’t stop there at all,
even send rapist to knock on his mamma’s door.
and take her on the floor.
wait i’m not done yet my mentor,
you going to see, i’mma keep it raw,
just sit back and take score of souls galore,
you keep askin i’ll bring you more.
i also have this instore,
i’ll make a thousand bin ladins and a thousand sadams,
and flatten the world with like twenty heroshima bombs,
i can never stay calm,
i want the world in my palms.
no need to guide me through,
and don’t worry satan for i shall do it better than you.
i think you to soft on these souls you feverishly need,
you came out with crack, dope, c*ke and speed,
i must admitt thats clever,
i see the evilness you feed,
but i do it better,
i get them when they’re only a seed,
when the mothers won’t bleed,
a new soul for me is conceived.
so i make mommy smoke weed,
and i’ll wisper in her ear,
that her child doesn’t deserve to breath.
so what do you think of that?
make that mac pierce his back,
i don’t discriminate white, hispanic or black,
i cut no slack,
my mode stays on attack,
i am sicker than you,
and you know it’s true,
i’ll choke you satan til your red face turns blue.

so i don’t care if you the ruler of darkness,
god has created me just like you heartless,
so here’s my middle finger you know where to park this,
what? you getting mad cuase i’mma rule for a while,
ha ha yea envy my style,
you can harm me nor your bullsh*t demon army.
you know what? i’mma make you suffer,
yeah i’m the new dark prince mother f*cker,
i’d be the one to turn out your fire,
i’d be the one to strangle you with a wire,
yeah i’ll get a rush from punishing you,
now what? tell me that i am boring you?
you couldn’t be eviler than me if you slit your brain in two?
i’ll make you burn in your own flames and whatcha gonna do?
alone i’ll face your whole crew.
in h*ll were gonna blow trees and drink brew,
sh*t’s gonna change now, everthings new!
i’m the boss, ruler, king of all kings,
satan, even gods gonna hear your screams,
you gonna beg me for mercy even in your dreams.
i’mma cause mad havoc,
i’ll possess him with this nasty habbit,
for everything you see grab it,
and with this knife stab it,
take the dead body and drag it,
loose the body so they can’t tag it.
i’mma turn that school teacher into a molester,
first name chester,
get her and arrest her,
in his house and he covers her mouth,
and takes her right there on the couch.
tape the rape,
and that will be his mistake,
another soul for me to take.
you see satan i got plans too,
i want everyone to suffer including you.
from my own s*m*n,
one by one i’ll make my own demons,
to haunt you while your dreamin.
i’m like you satan always skeemin.
but start to praying youngin,
cause i’mma commin,
and once you see me you be a runnin.
don’t try cause you can’t save your self,
you robbed that old lady you played your self,
the mist of my evilness,
plays in stealth,
so i’mma catch you regardless if you hide,
i’mma get you and i won’t let you slide.
so satan how about i make you in human form from the start,
then tie ropes to your hands and feet and pull you apart.
i want to take you and hang you by your tounge,
oooooo that will be fun,
your human now you don’t burn like the sun,
them days are over can’t you see,
i rule h*ll now me! me! me!
ha ha ha i’m the one laughing now,
i rule the pits of h*ll wow,

it feels good to see you in pain,
and i get stronger from each soul i gain,
now i’ll have you slain once again,
send you to the mortal life,
so you can be pushed in front of a train,
i want it to smash your head so i can see your brain.
here take this gun,
and murder your own son,
and take your wife and carve her up nice,
don’t think twice,
just do it!
i want to see her inner body fluid,
all on the asphault,
then rip our own skin open and pour in some salt,
then grab once again the colt,
and put your life to hault.
end this with one resault,
and yes it’s all my fault,
i’ll make you committ *ssualt, robbery, and murder,
then i even take it further,
i’ll contaminate baby food starting with gerber.
and switch the corvial and humprey’s,
to cociane and heroin,
and turn them all into junkies.
take all the young ones and show them nothing but wrong,
i’m so nasty i’ll turn this song into a salm.
i’ll make the weak strong,
and the strong, stronger,
make life expectancy longer,
for only those who serve me,
so satan get on one knee,
and praise he who rules over the firey pits,
and take that pitch fork and stick it in your *ss see if it fits,
no not the small one use the large,
and f*cking you over is free at no extra charge.
hitting you hard,
up in the *ss with deep penetration,
i got my own demon administration,
that deal with torture by castration,
death by asphyxiation,
and then comes decapataion,
thats right satan,
we will have no affiliation,
cuase i’m already a slave of temptation.
i stand not as a underachiever,
but as a true believer,
in pain beyond belief,
i wanna riddle the streets,
with sicknesses worse than aids,
uncureable plagues given to you no matter what your age.
are we on the same page?
satan i’mma make you live in a cage,
inslaved by my rage,
then murderd live on stage with a 12 guage at rave.
you see killing you softly is what i crave,
satan now is not the time to start to behave,
you done already dug your own grave.
so sit back and take it like a man,
cause hearing you scream like a b*tch is my mother f*cken plan.

d*mn, soon your gonna wish you were a pastor,
but just call me a b*st*rd and i might kill you faster.
now lets see what else i can do to bring you pain,
now slowly i want to drive you insane,
till you can’t remember your name,
what? you think this is a f*cking game?
i’m not playing,
i’ll catch you while your praying,
and cut you in half with this sword,
bring you back at birth,
just to hang you with your own umbilical cord.
now i don’t wanna get ugly,
but if i have to i will,
i got the skill,
to keep you in pain,
and the talent to kill,
and when i creep,
with my demon fleet,
don’t sleep n*gg*s leak,
i’m grim and ready to reep,
your punishment is what i seek,
next to me your weak easy to defeat,
and it’s your soul that i want to keep,
call me a freak, bugged and deranged,
call me different even call me strange,
or just call me da one who put out satans flames.

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