damn shawty lyrics (feat. young snead) – gucci mane

[intro/chorus: young snead]
dammmn shawty! why you hatin so hard?
cause my chain worth a mill? are my rims too large?
dammmn shawty! you can get it like me
ay don’t be mad cause i’m in the club throwin up g’s
dammmn shawty! that sh*t f*cked up
n*gg*z mad cause i’m hot and they ain’t gettin no love
dammmn shawty! i’m straight from the streets
sticks and stones break bones, words motivate me

[gucci mane]
gucci finally made it, n*gg*z player hated
when i hit the club i got twenty g’s to play with
b*tch i’m the brick man, ballin like a rich man
sippin on this syrup got me leanin like a kickstand
recognize the pimpin, feel the real attention
laflare entertainment, i’m playin my position
waitin on the b*tches, holla at the b*tches
never worked for church’s but i served a lot of chickens
got a lot of g’s so i do a little trickin
hoe take this lil’ money b*tch and go on about ya business
every day is christmas, every night is valentine’s
ten in new york, it’s nine alabama time
moved to a-t-l, the whole east atlanta mine
billion dollar deal, i signed on the dotted line
gucci ’bout to pimp sh*t, lobster steak and shrimp sh*t
big cat, laflare, you try and get your wig split


[gucci mane]
they say my chain so cold, but my watch too hot
my earrings bling, pinkie ring on fire
twinkle twinkle, see the stars p*ss by
gucci mane ain’t hot? youse a god d*mn liar
why ask why? n*gg*z go bud dry
a case of cristal and a black fo’-five
hoes in the club like “who is that guy?
drinkin cristal throwin money in the sky?”
his fit so sharp and his wheels so large
the rims keep spinnin but the car stay parked
fo’ bedroom with the two car garage
gucci just copped, n*gg* i ain’t got a flaw
wet paint job and the automatic start
semi-automatic if you try to play hard
gucci mane montana, from east atlanta
b*tch the diamonds in my chain same color bananas

[chorus – repeat 2x]

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