dance on your grave lyrics – mantak

fiercely beheading eviscerated no mercy
imagine the death of you being crucified
up side down!
flames of hate eternally burning in my revenge’s heart!
and i’m proudly dancing on your pity grave!!!

i hate you very much! you back stabber smelly mouth !
how i wish to cut you tongue and give it to the street
then i’ll cut your p*n*s and i’ll pee on your f*cking
fukk you!!! liars b*st*rd!!

and i dance on your grave
sh*tting at you rotten corpse
take you head and force you
drinking my tasty urine!!

and i’ll sew you ‘busuk’ mouth
and leaving my sh*t inside!!
i’ll never stop hating you!!
you’ll eat my sh*t!!!

dance on your grave!!!!!!!!

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