dancing maria lyrics – j. armen

let me be a little crazy
like the feet of a bosa girl
swinging to the samba ala rio
fills your mind with everything surreal
i’d like to sing her every song
i’ve kept inside for so long till now

dazzle me with your dark eyes
the essence of your thirsty nights
a naked reason of delight
a wish come true for such a sight
bring me fortune in this light
i’d live a thousand lives for a moment so right

now i am wishing you would be mine dancing maria
está na maneira que você brilha (it’s in the way you shine)
because your dance brings the sun dancing maria
mostre-me seu claro (show me your light)
dancing maria

you can comfort every fear every single p*ssionate tear
a melody to every deaf ear you have found the way to heal
every hearts desire waiting
lurking in our sphere debating how

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