dancing upon the bones of a naive perception lyrics – unlight

dear truthful one
unsheathed your claws and bright your teeth
come dance with us upon the bones
of naive perceptions grasped too soon

they’ve placed all faith in empty ghosts!
believed in words that sounded sweet!
they hide their eyes and shake for fear!
’cause there was nothing underneath!

you ripped away their holy lies
and touched us with your courage
come dance with us upon the bones
of naive perception grasped too soon

for when friends turn and hope proves false
and luck runs out and nothing’s fair
whatever we can do is ours alone!

the weakness of lord christ
we kept denying all along
and when we’ve earned our solitude
we tasted it, and found it sweet!

for greatness is our earthborn right
though most choose lives so weak and small
and we who can’t understand them
we have your guidance most of all

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