darby m-fuck’n park lyrics – damu ridas

check this out relative n*gg*
take this lil’ 45.000 n*gg*
and buy you a b(c)utless, a coupè n*gg*
and a dope sack n*gg*
and do what the f*ck you supposed to do n*gg*
and let these n*gg*s know what’s happ’nin

[green eyes:]
back up in the mix with some gangsta sh*t
i know you didn’t think i’m doin a flip
or switched my script
32 months of hard time and grindin
and i can’t wait to touch down and get back to rhymin
for so’ gangsta green eyes gon keep it on the reala
and for my scrilla, n*gg* this is anybody killer
yeah m*th*f*ckas i banged on wax
but that’s where you got me twisted at
cause i banged on facts
with trizzele on my clip as i load
and you can tell i’m a g my n*gg*
by the way i hold it (‘wood! ‘wood!) *means inglewood*
never foldin, unloadin when i’m under pressure
50 g’s ta lick and not a penny lesser
so i guess i gots ta come with that heat
and put it down for all my true n*gg*s in the streets
so give it up, inglewood, that’s the hood we claim
when we westside m*th*f*ckin gang-bang

[chorus x2:]
i done banged on wax and i done banged in the pen
now i’m bangin on your punk-*ss just once again
so if you feel i ain’t real and wanna test my heart
n*gg* you know where i’m at: darby-m*th*f*ckin-park

[green eyes:]
i done told you once, i done told you twice
f*ckin with me is like f*ckin with your life
westside inglewood and i’ma ride for it
in a moment of silence call out my homies that died for it
so all my life blood i’ma keep it real
for all my n*gg*s stressed out behind these punk-*ss deals
can you feel, i spell blood for this sh*t
and on my hood i got love for this sh*t
cause this gangsta sh*t is somethin you can feel
especially when it’s comin from a n*gg* that’s real
young sick-*ss n*gg*s, yg’s when we roll
matter of fact packin tec b.g.’s on hood patrole
i don’t parole and i’m still servin
it’s f*ckin with my nerves but i gotta flip this bourbon
haven’t you heard that ’98 is a straight paper chase
so what you gon do when my gat’s in your face

[chorus x2]

[green eyes:]
now it’s about time for me to speak up my mind
and get some sh*t off my chest and clear up this mess
cause some cured about n*gg*s got sh*t crossed up
i’m lookin for the other 2, 1 already got tossed up
for speakin upon sh*t and ain’t doin nothin
you b*tch-*ss n*gg*, you done pushed my b*tton
wanna smile in my face and talk behind my back
while i was incarcerated, now your *ss is gettin faded
i gave up the [(name of a set)]
because that’s the block where i grew up
i bangs with the 8’s so the deuce is what i threw up
any questions, ask me now, n*gg* f*ck later
cause when i was in the pen n*gg*
i was knockin out heavy weighters and playa haters
ain’t got sh*t ta say ta me
much damu love to each and every y.g.
in the pen, the hood, the county n*gg*, whereever you at
2 m*th*f*ckin a’s ups and blaze a sack n*gg*

[chorus x2]

[shout outs till the end]

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