dark forest lyrics – gomorrah

in the night of misrey
i?m going throught the dark forest.
the forest which is called “black hole”
where deamons are home.

dismembered corpses are lying
on the way.
shrinkheads are hanging from the trees

eyes are flashing between the trees
screams be heard far away.
the full moon is show me the way
but he?s shining red like blood.

shadows with flashing eyes
are hunting me.
a deamon bites me in the neck
and he takes me down.

i open my eyes
and i see darkness force.
a deamon like a wolf
is sitting on a throne.
his bl**dy mouth
is greedy for flesh.
he said to me
“your brain is the best for me”.

they smash my head
and they sucks my brain.
they cutted my body
they eat my heart.
they drink my blood
and they eat my guts.
my soul rises
to the bl**dy moon.

in the night of misery
i have lost my live.
the forest which is called “black hole”
there is now my mind.

my flesh lies on the way
beside other corpses.
my head is hanging
from the throne

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