darkside lyrics – centinex

darkside recalls my name
abyssal gates are open wide
my darkened soul
is baptized in blood
ancient lord,
demon of blasphemies

darkness prevails,
lucifer’s wrath unleashed

destroy, burn the book of lies
sacrifice the b*st*rd son,
jesus christ
feast on the christian flesh
crucify the servant of god

darkness prevails
lucifer’s wrath unleashed
demonic moon arise
i obey my seven signs

i skuggan av crucifixet
ska blodet stromma fritt
ondskans vind andas
hamndens skonhet bestar
i dalen av dom fordomda
jag mitt sate har
med tusen kristnas blod
min makt besitter kvar

master – open the gates to h*ll
messiah – gather your black hordes
satan – show me your victims
i shall – surround them with flames

infernal sp*wn of evil
(we are) one to kill the lord

feel the nails of pain
carving through the flesh
brutalized upon the altar
with a crown of th*rns
d*mnation awaits the sinners
laceration of the holy has began

behold the summoning signs
darkside recalls, chaos filled with blood
rise from h*ll and show me the dawn
day of death, the master has arrived

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