darling jane lyrics – john loudermilk

jane and i’d been married for only a week
and were honeymooning down off miami beach
we took our rented cabin crusier way out past the reef
doing as we pleased just my jane and me
i was on the starboard bow baiting a hook
jane was taking a sunbath and reading a book
and all at once the southern sky grew dark and it started to rain
the anchor chain began to strain the breeze became a hurricane
i was panic stricken so i quickly ran below
and tried to reach the coast guard on the short wave radio
i sent sos’s but no answer ever came
i called to jane but the wind and rain had given jane to the hurricane
all night long i searched through roaring waves and driving rain
and over a hundred mile per hour winds but all in vain
i was torn and bleeding and i cursed the hurricane
used the name of god in vain i was insane from losin’ jane
now the morning sun is hot the seas are calm once more
and the breeze is gentle as i head the boat for sh*r*
my eyes can’t help the crying and my heart can’t help the pain
that’s in my brain from losing jane my everything my darling jane

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