datura lyrics – this deafening whisper

can you help me understand?
what books and life have failed to teach me
can you free me from the guilt?

for me to carry on

these fragments of memories are haunting my sleep
turning to nightmares all the beauty of reckless dreams

and now i get it right
the warnings and the signs make sense now
i cannot change the fact
i’ve let you down

but now it’s all so quiet
the warnings and the signs make sense now
i’d kill myself tonight
to bury your head again, in my arms

and this is the part where i think i should feel sorry
but in this twirling chaos, emotions are spinning
i just don’t have the strength to beg your forgiveness
and i’ll never get that chance

i’ll silence their voices
i’ll silence their voices once and for all

it’s time, that i get this right
i’m a poison for you, a disease, a trap
i can’t change that fact, but i won’t hold anything back

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