dawn of flames lyrics – gates of ishtar

after days filled with darkness
comes a dawn, the last in time
it shall burn the wings of angels
and desecrate the heart of man

it will flood the sh*r*s of heaven
and unleash the wrath of flames
it will tear your god’s creation
and caress the soil with grief

i turn and face the dawn

in a time of d*mnation
stars are fading, its the end of creations
greet the dawn one last time
no more sorrow as all life ends
dawn of fire, wrath of flames
join the ashes as d*mnation begins
greet the dawn as you die
no more sorrow it’s the dawn of the dead

it’s the dawn of flames… in a time of tears
no more sorrow… no more fear

no repention, no salvation
you can’t escape the flames of hate
burning your eyes, burning your face
licking your skin as the storm begins

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