dawn of possession lyrics – immolation

dawn of possession

awaiting messiah
to save us from sin
a second hope, his reign begins
born of virgin, to conquer mankind
deity from h*ll, satan divine…

christ possessed, i am born…

twist of scripture
christ possessed
come forth with wrath
evil obsessed
hatred and war
sadistic spell
swallows the earth
thanks be to h*ll

christ possessed, the dawn has come…

praise the day the christ child is born
born of woman, to evil he’s sworn
to rule mankind like no other before
unholy throne, christ above

arise in flames… i am born
i ride with fury… i rule with scorn
evil will conquer… and forever will be
bleed in pain… kneel to mesinned, their blackened hearts ripped from thier chests
forgiving god, exalted high
“pease forgive our sins!”…

into everlasting fire

blessed in life, flourish in death
children of god… dest*tute
embrace of love… loses hold
bond of trust… misconceived
tears erupt… fall to h*ll
caressed by fear… we die as one

mourners of a dying world
to late to reconcile
into everlasting fire
can’t you see it’s satan’s world.

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