day of the dead lyrics – headshot

godd*mned braindead creatures arising
from the dead
lurking and tumbling all around
driven by the hunger for flesh
and human brain
soon they’re gonna hunt you down
spreading the disease destruction
and decay
maybe no one will survive
their bodies and their brains
rotten to the core
is anybody still alive
headshot makes us survive
day of the dead
no place to go to and no place to run
running again and again
no place to there ain’t no more escape
soon you will be one of them
out on your own as you pray for release
salvation cannot be found
ripping your skin and your flesh
from your bones
now they’re gonna cut you down
headshot makes us survive
day of the dead
an unforeseen disaster coming over night
no one knows the reason why
doomed to walk on earth by
cannibal instinct
they rot away before they die
restless searching beings ruthless
to their victims
nightmare life without a mind
this sudden revolution is killing evolution
annihilation of mankind
headshot makes us survive
day of the dead

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