dead end friends lyrics – them crooked vultures

“dead end friends”

i drive all alone, at night,
i drive all alone.
don’t know what i’m headed for.

i follow the road, blind.
until the road is dead end.
night’s in my veins, it’s calling me,
racing along these arteries
and law, is just a myth
to herd us over the cliff.

i follow the road at night,
just hoping to find
which puzzle piece fell out of me.

i know who you are,
open the door and climb in.
hold me real close, then do it again,
i ache for the touch of my dead end friends
and oh, i gotta know…
is it dead
at the end of the road?
i can tell
by that look in your eyes,
we’re the same,
my dead end friends and i

we drive all alone at night,
a never ending begin.
sweet as a curse just out of reach,
awakens the dead end part of me & oh,
no more wandering.
just me and my dead end friends again.

dead end friends
dead end friends
dead end friends

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