dead end road lyrics – path of destiny

i can still remember how we used to be
the guardians of still living dreams.
except your faith, you’ll never be forgiven
you will be drain in black despair.

i’m standing here in a hallow, for you
disgraced face i’ll be spinning round and round,
i despise, what you being follow.
i put you out, now you will be lost and never found!

we defeat our souls in cruel insanity, we
both played the melody of the death.
but the time stands still, you betray your son.
whispering dark wishes but it’s too late…

…we are on a dead end road.

your flesh is rotting in the eternity
of death, your soul is hunting
for some light. but you don’t understand
what happened is true.
f*ck you! i will spit on your grave!

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