dead peasants lyrics – i killed everyone

crush the opposition
devastate the overlord who mask the propaganda as
promises of hope
reduction of population enslavement begins
i’ll rip out your serpent tongue and watch your eyes roll
blood thirst still apparent in the way
you lack all sympathy
everything that i’ve loved has been fed to the wolves
everything that i believed in has been ripped apart
to die with a need for vengeance infecting my thoughts
my senses heighten
my eyes become transfixed as i breathe
the still night air laced with the perfume of decay
my pulse begins to rise
i have become numb to the presence of death
for years you have deceived us deconstructing morality
you sink your teeth into the free will of man poisoning
his every thought
and action armageddon the blueprints inscribed by human
the filth that you speak of is not devine
and there will be no change
behold how we march to the beat of their drums
like cattle to slaughter
for a cause that we dont believe in
behold how we march
behold how we march

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