deadened lyrics – provenance

i know that it is dark, love
i know that it’s hard to push ahead
you might seem faint now but i know you’ll shine with
full force one day
it’s not as if i’ve killed you
it’s not as if you’ve died
i might have fed you cancer but nothing you can’t hide!
i wish for progress
i wish for growth, for you to prosper and show some
with you a circlet
wish you a throne, for you to strengthen, stand on your
i know i brought the plague, love
o know that i chose side
i’d make amends but it would cost too much merely for
the ride
poor excuse, although a fact
you knew from the start it was all an act
i haven’t always lacked concern
a simple choice to have it burned
but a door that leads to nowhere, a gun without a cause
a letter lacking address or like anger without pause…
i find you distancing yourself
i find you mean, a cutting sharp infection, so
hopelessly unclean!
she stares with dead eyes, quitened, insane
her cancer’s clear though, time and time again
i need some help here
she’s lost control, a raving black disease inside her
her tongue is spiteful but means no ill
it’s this wretched cancer that slowly kills…

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