dear abby lyrics – jonathan dale

dear abby
written by: jonathan dale, khara lord, and brandon green

verse 1
i left my truck parked in the lawn
didn’t take the time to turn the lights on
didn’t speak a word or make a sound
gettin out of here, before i turn around

dear abby, hope that you know that i love you
dear abby, after all you put me through
i’m still standing on my own two feet,
fine without you next to me
dear abby

verse 2
i guess i should have really seen
i am like fire you’re like gasoline
i’ve got it all figured out now
i’m leaving, cause staying here’d be wrong

chorus 1x

this is the last time you’ll ever hear from me
i wish you well and one day i hope that you see

abby, i hope that you happy now
dear abby, you’re only a memory now

chorus 1x

(jonathan dale from cmts can you duet 1st runner up duo; jb rocket- jonathan dale’s debut solo alb*m; love luck and leaving is now available on itunes)

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