dear cammi lyrics – good riddance

i told you twice to stay away
i know the games you’re going to play
iæ?¦ trying to walk the straightened line
i don’t need your problems killing my time

sometimes i feel just like a puppet on a string
everybody talks so loud and i can’t hear a thing
each day i find away to keep myself away from you

donæ?° you try to comfort me
i don’t need your sympathy
this is how it’s supposed to be

looking through your jaded eyes
itæ?¯ so easy just to criticize
iæ?¦ trying to do the best that i can
i don’t expect you to understand
donæ?° mean a thing to me you run around like rats
speak with authority but never with the facts
iæ?³e been afflicted yeah iæ?¦ addicted to you

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