dear uncle creepy lyrics – impetigo

dear uncle creepy, it’s been years
morbid fantasy exterminates my childhood fears
dear uncle creepy, how can it be?
some of the cr*p that’s out these days
is such a bore to me

dear uncle creepy…

the sh*t they call “horror” in the comic store
n*body’s got that style anymore!
pre-code cl*ssics provide the chills
this high-tech bullsh*t never will!
as far as movies are concerned,
there’s a plenty out that should be burned
the horror’s gone, big budget’s here
whatever happened to the meaning of fear?

dear uncle creepy, it’s a crying shame
the “terror” of the 90’s is so f*cking lame!
whatever happened to the good ol’ days
has you and cousin eerie turning in your graves!

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