death taxes and the unexpected lyrics – deserters

oh god,
they’ve spilled aids
and cleaned it up with cancer
spread disease
in the shadow
of the new high score.

usher in the new plague,
with a face that we can trust.

to the scent
of someone doing worse than us

we keep
the wheel

driven into our holding cell
6×6, fluorescent lights and no sign
of your

because if we fail,
these unforgiving streets won’t feed the homeless
(we’re hopeless)

so riot,
a prison cell is your meal ticket
take it
the best you’ll ever get
is a life of constant disappointment
so fight it

success is a bold faced f*cking lie,
the only guarantee is that i’ll die
we see the hook
but still we bite it

so sign your life away
or lock it up
either way,
a constant struggle awaits you

because god knows:
we don’t drive the roads we paved with gold,
we were only hired
to polish them

and my american dream was just a

in god we trust but he is just a

so what’s one more straw on an already
broken back

when death taxes and the unexpected are
all i have.

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