death throes demonica lyrics – dark army

behold the angels that burn in the fire
a timeless cremation of h*lls burning wrath
wrought with infernal timless execution
already dead yet still praying for death

behold the prophecy
revealing itself in the flame
demons surround you devouring your soul
when hope is abandond the process starts over again

bound in chain
impailed upside down in a desert of fire
no hope for repemption
no hope that death will vanquish my soul
as i lie in torment
in fire for millenniums
my fate is inflicted
my soul convulsing in death throes demonica

repulsing in beauty the death scape of h*ll
grandure domination with tremendous force
a victory of fire has conqured at will
the path of the darkness has taken it’s course


no escape form his grasp
hear the screams of the fallen
no repentance is heard
deaf ears fall on your cries
no end dwells in existence
suffer now and forever
ahead only time
in a nightmare existence


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