death’s head cockroach lyrics – leng tch’e

sanctuary needs a man to save it from the storm
pushing on the best way in intensive contro
worshipping the myth it s not give and take
colliding ent*ty collapsing from its fate
burned in one thought
swallowed (by) its own beliefs
forced to remember
tlieir world is turning to black
obscure (and) corrosive
beyond a shadow of thought they pushed it to the limits
beyond imagination
endoctrined by m*ss media
m*ss media th*rn
opposed the forces we don’t need
to be rewarded for our voracity
despite the fact we know (we) live and die for sure
being aware of our own extermination
the beauty when light collapsed
when their system failed
see our past splendor (of our) society
seek who to blame
ignored doomed (and) discourages
fading crimson light scorn
dealing with life corrupts
life corrupts
thought that lessons learned
but it revealed our cippet*te
smashed, our visions blurred
and now we are blind
fading away
tomorrow sorrow
world ablazed
the tiniest breed that we are
the tiniest things that made what we are
are they finally gonna learn
that their chance is gone
ignored the warnings on the leaf
sentenccd to endure opacity
dealing with life corrupts
all senses are now unfilled
seek who to blame
opposed the forces we don’t need
to be rewarded for our voracity

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