decimation lyrics – exumer

a diseased mind wanting to kill
the difference of life and death the same
forced to die against your own will
hi cracks a grin as you wither away
the knife sunk in your chest again
will the homicide ever end

disembowelment, the killings seem the same
removal of the visceral m*ss to him it’s just a game

ritualistic death, waiting to hear your last breath
i get pleasure from watching you die

your remains are mine to do as i please
a collage of the dead fills my wall
slicing and hacking i do it with ease
fall to the ground and scream all you want
it does no good for your sleep t shall haunt
flowing, a stream of red death

something not right in the mind
slice your thoat from behind
creep up to you in your sleep
stick a blade down in deep
no need to have fear
don’t shiver when i’m near

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