deeper ground lyrics – ivanhoe

to find the answer
to find the reason for
to know the difference
why you closed the door
and who can tell you
what’s ,wrong or right inside

someone in the cellar
someone on your back
you one fortune teller
there are things you can’t forget
you found out that life’s so simple
so simple but only for you
so what is the reason
why you can’t stand it
need another hand to hold
the coldness of a word
like you never felt before
a chapter, full of spies
two souls, one strange mind

to see you
to know you
to feel you deep inside
is a laughter behind

over the highest mountain
sink into fire deepest ground falling
into deeper ground
falling there’s no rebound
memories are crying
as you look to the sky
teardrops are falling
while you hide deep inside
choose life or call the dead
scream the only name
a ticket to ride to a world beyond
where only the man knows it’s name
there’s no truth
there’ only you
don’t be again so blind
just use your only mind

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