defeated by life lyrics – happy days

defeated by life, that’s what i am
it’s something more than just being the loser,
it’s looking more at your target, at life
through a bulletproof gl*ss
your efforts to break it are all vain
and forever will be.

hitting you enemy so hard, until your fist bleed
but nothing will change

as soon as you entered the compet*tion,
you already knew that everything is worthless
all your strength and efforts thrown away
while a bitter laugh is echoing in your head.
and there is nothing you could do to stop it
and this is the supposed great circle of life?
i think not!

motionless, hopeless
apathy is your god now
sometimes you love and praise it
sometimes you’re afraid of it

but when daylight is reaching you tired body
ghosts disappear, just for a second
you’re feeling compet*tive and full of strength
while you blind eyes are ready to observe another defeat
once again.

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