defeated kingdom lyrics – decades of despair

poisonous and cursed

memories of the old forgotten monarchy
resonating through the frail columns of a citadel
whispering and whispering the legend of the ancestors
moaning and howling the complaints of h*ll

memories of a glee forever disappeared
children of kings and servants of these
statues of marble and stone hearts remains
a defeated kingdom in the garden of h*ll

where ravens dare
ruins of a century
embraced by roots of infamy
brambles shredding tapestries
vestigial thrones and weathered bones
h*ll’s made of barks and souls of those
who died in fear and wounds

skin and roots interlaced
crawling and festering on infertile lands
made of putridity and disgrace
skin and roots intertwined
swallowing all life poisoning all minds
a kingdom defeated

if every reminds of the past
is glee and luxury
a time of pure prosperity
where every man was living free
a dismal dawn blew everything
replacing laugh by anxiety
a green h*ll flooding on the walls
absorbing all their force

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