deforested kingdoms lyrics – corrosion

blood of innocent animals,
forests being mercilessly killed,
polluting water,
rain will fall no more,
everything to desert will be turned.
poisoning everything, that’s in their way,
piercing earth down to her veins.
they dry, divert, evaporate it.
stop it!

how many cihldren have you brought to light,
that if it was another planet,
it wouldn’t be fit to stand the pain.
gotta exist among the b*st*rds, kings and wis*m*n,
revolutonaries, who of them has been raping you?

water! – air! – earth! – fire!

earth, they tore you to pieces,
you gave the answer, with no remorse.
hey, race of deforesters,
your time has come, your destruction.

typhoons! – collapse! – earthquake! – inundation!

bitter blood out on your surface.
who will hear your cries?
mother who’s been raping you?


water! – air! – earth! – fire!

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