delirium lyrics – capercaillie

but on every branch and twig
was your pursuing face
i went to the fertile sh*r* yesterday
to gather c*ckles for a meal
every single sh*ll was filled with
your beauty my love

i went into the alehouse
to expel you from my head
every gl*ss i raised your beauty
overflowed from it
i went early to bed last night
to escape you in sleep
but you kept me awake till
i’d make you a song

i’d wish we were torn asunder
were we not apart
let your presence replace my image of you
and how i’d rejoice
you’ve brought me to foolish babbling
tiring friends with praise of you
when you return they’ll see that
my words are true

they’ll see mountains dance with ripples
mole and eagle step the reel
red rasp held by king sea-tangle
sport before their eyes
they’ll see you and me make merry
lip to lip our breath as one
caressing thus forever
together our reward…

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