desensitized lyrics – diecast

we live in apathy.
we have grown numb.
ignoring the problems we helped to create.
hollow inside desensitized force-fed their sh*t until we suffocate.
don’t go believe the sh*t they’re selling.
don’t go accepting what they say.
you know it’s already too late.
you have been robbed of original thought.
your dead, your dead, desensitized.
we cannot even see how far we’ve gone.
victims of our corrupt society.
told what to think the powers that be.
controlling what we hear and all that we see.
your dead, your dead, desensitized.
we have grown numb to all that goes around us.
exposed too long to the sh*t that they have fed us.
our minds have been dulled from their relentless attempts to.
erase deprogram us dictating what we should think.
displace our thoughts with ideas of their now that corrupt.
now we are all dead inside.
we the walking dead desensitized

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