desire pierces her soul lyrics – denethor

this is the day pain will take over my body
a pleasure that i have never known before
my mind stops working and illusions become reality

i see a demonized girl, black leather and red lips
i feel the pain, she cuts my arms
and nails pierce my legs

sadistic delight while
she drinks my blood
this pain is not real,
until chains break and my body dies

satanic wh*r* begs
for more of my blood
i drink hers, and she drinks mine
and satan we obey

untamable desire to suffer,
i satisfy her, and taste the blood
her screams divert me
i see a helpless body on the ground

for satan is our master
she and i, i rape her soul
diabolical beauty let me suffer
torture my body, erotic pain

her blond hair now red of blood
time to stop the torturing
and as she takes off her mask
i raped the girl and pierce her soul

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