desolation whispers lyrics – sight of emptiness

try to keep my faith but, i just realized, soon i’ll be
surrender by the evil force within your heart… i fell
suffocated today, i feel so f*cking empty trying to
change my intentions and don’t be so hard oh take me to a
place of no return save me from the claws of destiny
follow me til the end of this confesion come to me
without fears of my beliefs… don’t be such a fool
desolation whispers… desolation i just realized
everything dies in your hand i just realized the knife
you stick in my chest ruined my life oh be with me no
more living on a limb trust me i will be the one you need
dream with me lets be part of this endeavour help me to
become your soul and pain… nothing will remain oh take
me… trying to escape from this world and this
indifference we became a solid m*ss of hate that destroys
everything in our way not surprise you are already dead
now you see the truth and you wonder if my heart is yours
don’t be stupid is the end of my life?

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