desperately seeking satan lyrics – december wolves

prepare population for quick decent!
with slugs of global proportions,
it won’t be our blood on satan’s claw.
i stayed in one place as long as i could…
to hail the new dawn and to be a satanic human being…
and reverse the karma of a ****** jesus.

i do declare… it’s a f*ckin’ shame.
in charge of projects, moreover, meant to clean.
liberation here, will disappear.
bring them where they cannot flee…
bestow their final agony!
hang them on crosses… divide them by s*x and race…
then lop off their hands in strict accordance with the devil’s demands.
rocking back and forth… a dirty degenerate dynasty.
…we’re desperately seeking satan
…we’re desperately seeking satan!
the candidate for international conspiracy…
save the planet from abduction and futility…
preside over supremacy!

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