despoilment of rotting flesh lyrics – internal bleeding

quietly you rest, waiting for the light. six feet below
reality, where the world is so black. eagerly excavate
partially rotted body. pry the wood casket open and see
what’s waiting for me. body/sight now to behold. bove
your bloated body and love is all i see. i penetrate the
folds of flesh, a chill creeps from your thights.
despoilment of rotting flesh. pumping, pounding,
motionless you lie below me. all you see. all you see,
me. you’re the only one who loves me. all you see. all
you see, me. all you see, everything is cold. pumping and
pounding again and again. your c*nt is dry. feeling a
love that is out of this world. all for me. feel the love
burning inside me. things are pointed to, pointed to me.
things are out of control of your body. restless thoughts
well through me. pump and pound below me. scream. c’mon
scream for me. where the world is so black. c’mon scream
in misery. all my love lost in this paradise. in the act
of despoilment. waiting for the infinite being. come to

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