destructor (sewer of graves) lyrics – dragon

strength, magic power
creates a monster composed of dead bodies
creeping carc*ss – of death’s house vengeance
blind giants forge the armour of clean hearts
oh, lord have pity, release us from his hands!
creeping carc*ss – of death’s house vengeance
weird nightmares – an *ss*ssin is born stripped of
lord of darkness and fear
nightmare turns the world into h*ll
in battlefield bloom the flowers of fire
powerful and evil
who’ll set us free?

fear is with him, the sower of graves
anger fills the bowels of evil
he destroys holy places devoted to resurrection
saliva boils with hatred, sinks in the ground mixed with
the d*mned are walking along
blind instruments under the curse of power
many have dies of those who turned to spit in his face
death picks his harvest
the sky opens, the monster burns in flames
he who was kept faith, will live forever!

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