deus ex machine gun lyrics – omnicide

i am gods messenger
bringer of wrath
by my holy machine gun
god is my bullet

i’m a crusader
salvation through murder
by my holy machine gun
god is my bullet

deus ex machine gun
to cleanse mother earth

behold the metamorphosis
of god into a gun
a divine weapon of

your atheism
won’t save you now
god still decides
over your life

hail his bullets
praise his war
fear his wrath
as i pull the trigger

i let the bullets fly
deus ex machine gun
in my brain echoes
the sweet sound
of heathens dying

one by one, they bite the dust
i can’t help it i must smile
they all have to die

and the glorious
speaks to me
with words so sweet

chill out my brother
don’t make no violence
throw them guns into the dust
and let’em rust
smoke-a some-a weed with-a me
enjoy da live and watch dem girls
shake-a dem bootie, yeah shake-a dem bootie
yeah shake dem bootie,
life can be so peaceful,beautiful if you let it be
so smoke some green and just enjoy

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