devil inside lyrics – wasteland massacre

the blood on my mouth and knees has taught me that soft,
sophisticated things are
so fragile, much too weak, egotistic and trivial,
all the pain and wounds i´ve left behind have made an
unbreakable stone of me
i´ve become the darkness you feared

i´ve earned this strength by taking off soiled needles
the resident infection has taught me that justice has
never existed
in my inside fire cannot be appeased, anger calls for
and all the fears i´ve left behind are the witnesses of
my dementia

dread the redemption of the world where you belong
smell the frailty of your bones in the stake where you´ll
be burnt
i will rule the flames as the villain i´ve become
want to hear the screams when you feel the burning

devil inside

inside my head some kind of devil claims an anthem for
the evil i have borne

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