devil’s night! lyrics – esham

esham’s back in the house for devil’s night
and i’ma get me some gasoline and burn down the whole scene
wicked rhymes i be wrestling
you better cover your *ss cuz i’ma put ya in vaseline
stick ’em, stuck ’em, i f*ck ’em up and f*ck ’em up good
freak the funk so i f*ck it up like a g should
burn your house to the ground and watch you all cry
pour gas all around and hope you all die
the type of arsonist n*gg*s never ever seen
if you saw me on the scene see me smelling like kerosene
i got a magic trick, burn you like a drippy d*ck
somebody p*ss me a bic on devil’s night
watch a n*gg* get ill like fire marshall bill
gasoline will spill from here to louiseville
i got a flame-thrower, arsonist, suicidalist
burn your mother f*cking *ss up to a crisp
strike ’em, struck ’em, burn ’em up, f*ck ’em
fire man come, buck, buck, buck ’em
cuz i’m a fireman but i got a gas can
shoot a gas can, and blast your *ss man
sh*t god d*mn, i smell smoke
slit a n*gg* throat
and f*ck the okey doke
cuz i gotta burn ’em, teach ’em, and learn ’em
until i get a turn, burn hollywood burn
the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire
we don’t need no water let the mother f*cker burn
burn mother f*cker, burn till ya ashes
i burn n*gg*s up when i get hot flashes
i slash his throat
and choke off the gun smoke
then blaze that *ss like a j on devil’s night
devil’s night, i need a light so i can blaze up
police station, wicket h*ll raiser
playing no games, sh*t’s going up in flames
no evidence, no nothing, no names
return of the dragon, but i’m fire kicking
your *ss’ll be crispy like kentucky fried chicken
cracker, burner, n*gg*, blacker
i’m a ram shackle
snap pop crackle
didn’t do a thing, with my gasoline
until i flame broiled your *ss like burger king
now you in trouble, watch your skin bubble
settin’ me a fire, get away on the double
arsonist, watch me just set a f*cking blaze
watch it burn down, cold staring in a daze
wanna set a fire? i’ll be ya tutor
burn up ya city like the l.a. looters
when ya set a blaze, ya gotta do it right
watch, somebody gimme a light
on devil’s night

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