devourer of souls lyrics – broken hope

most think when death comes,
that spirits are judged,
these cheap beliefs can b*m in h*ll,
hopeless truth dying time comith,
spirits become my prey,
satisfying my unholy appet*te,
within me all are equal
being eternally digested.

death is the unknown goal,
when you are deceased,
i devour your soul

some souls may become free,
but limbo is a dark ocean,
and i the shark only time,
before i bite and feast,
then another soul eternally digest,
into this dark gods gullet of the d*mned,
afterlife unfortunately is just
another different h*ll.

[repeat chorus]

forget your savior i am the only salvation,
afterlife h*ll, now prepare for the miserable duration,
for the newly dead black bells begin to toll,
as the unholy god of agony devour’s another soul…

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