did it and did it lyrics – brotha lynch hung

i feel my nut sacs loadin’ up
get off the freeway at broadway with saccage like a m*th*f*cka
gots to parlay, i was off that alize like everyday
i was on stuck, hoes ain’t sh*t
so i f*cked that b*tch in the back of the cut and got the f*ck up
saw my n*gg* phonk beta, picked him up
he had a fat sac of bomb and a blunt, i was like ‘roll it up’
now i’m twisted, with a pit’s grip on the alize
and two miles away from a top notch i met the other day
groom yourself, i’m on my way over
in my brother’s cocaine white nova
shift kit, high rise intake, man, a 4-3-50 motor
now you know this wasn’t no b*tch
she had a n*gg* nuttin’ quick and she could suck a good d*ck
i was all up in it, situation was faulty
had to report back to the captain, and she told him she never saw me
no matter what you saw about that hoe
she said ‘meet me at the mo-mo’ and she told you she didn’t go

once upon a time, once upon a time
and we did it, and we did it
once upon a time, once upon a time
and she said it was cool

(phonk beta):
cuz she’s a b*tch, whatever would i love a hoe for?
i bust a nut and then i’ma cut right out the back door
didn’t know she had a funky rotten p*ssy
they could be strapped at the sideshow, check it out
nowadays you better be strapped before you tap that *ss
if not she’ll have you p*ssin’ out broken gl*ss
ain’t that a b*tch, she got you stuck with a shot in the b*tt
was it really worth a nut? check it out
what about that dummy, that one that got hooked on marijuana
got her budded, and she nutted, we both was in the sauna
one n*gg* mobbed to the store for ya donna
well clean the wax out ya ears and hear the drama
cuz i’ma tell it the way it couldn’t be told,
sold it the way it couldn’t be sold
n*gg* who you talkin’ bout? bout these young sweet hoes
so tick tock, it don’t stop the hustle
donna went down lip locked on my love muscle
i’m jb the beta manipulator, let me begin
if my d*ck is in your mouth then my b*lls is on your chin
balls is on your chin, the pubic hairs is up your nose
i’m that n*gg* that gives and you that n*gg* that blows


(brotha lynch):
around the corner from me
light skinned, packed, she stood
muggin’ like a maniac in a straight jacket
it was on and crackin’
knowin’ i shouldn’t be late night f*ckin’ with that sh*t
but i was off this perry mason bout to act like jason
it was friday the 13th, my day to work meat
a pack of blacks, and a half a 20 sac of the thai and some o.e.
you know me, i f*ck long and nut long
hit you in the face with some of that silky,
hot and sicc and make you mind strong
grab your knees and let me lean back
i’ma grip your cl*t with my lips
and motivate, coordinate ‘g’ sh*t
speak japanese up in your sh*t
watch it all ease up out your sh*t
and we did it, and did it, and did it…


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