dirge of the masquerade lyrics – embraced

a whisper of fantasies
like choires in the wind
graceful sweet poetry
in the ear of the lover

a poem of bloodstained roses
shared in an oath
a serenade of desire
and celestial l*st

enchanting voices dying
soon to be gone
slowly sleeping away
never to be heard again

crimson love set ablaze
by the velvet words that are spoken
in a masquerade of deceitfull illusions

tasting the nectars of p*ssion
given by the scarlett woman
of the everlasting masquerade
diabolic and seducing
as a spell of the p*ssionate sirens

promised eternal p*ssion
fallen in debris
never to be forgotten
the end of lovers dream

a sombre portrait
of a dreaming lover
pledged to a bride
of the masquerade

…and so the princess of twilight
disappeared into the unknown.
and then when nightfall came
the beautiful flow of an autumn p*ssion
faded away like a dying flame.
the only memento of emotions
she left was the dirge of the masquerade

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