dirty work lyrics – caroline’s spine

here i am calling you again
tongue tied, eager and impatient
as i live everytime we talk
and here i am in a distant land
i concentrate on my misbehaving
cuz i need this time…

tell me how you’re feelin’ today
sometimes i take a bite of the apple
and sometimes i lose my way
and that’s my everything
i’ve got to get you into my everything
i’ve got to figure myself out first

i know it’s hard to understand
i do my dirty work with clean hands
i don’t think i’ll see you until this all ends
and i hope you still want me by then

here i am in your arms again
with a thousand more miles etched on my face
and i’ve lived every single one

(repeat chorus)

i hope you stil want me
’cause i, ’cause i, i know i still want you

(repeat chorus)

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