dividend in division lyrics – kekal

anger, violence and death
work, exhaustion and death
anguish, suicide and death
evil, murder and death
our minds turn straight to division
as logic fades itself toward oblivion
pain sent to elevate bitterness
do we love it more than a blunt statement?
dream, desire and life
faith, endurance and life
hope, ambition and life
love, devotion and life
kill the thoughts you are trying to shift
outside perimeter of synthetic conscience
grasp a very motion from devoid intellect
drift and fluctuate as truth was never explored
tragedy brings apathy to ignorance
like street lights beaming on empty avenues
cognizance withstands the swarm of suffering
as it never forgives, and it never forgets
a mouthful of godforsaken emptiness
formed featureless shapes among dead clouds
i was amazed at the staircase leading nowhere
but it drives dividend on a poor soul of mine

[september 2012 – february 2013]

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