djy (freestyle) lyrics – demetri yates

ok, no words, i’m just gone get at it.

told u no stoppin, yep that’s gurantee
i don’t run by battery juices, i’m pure currency.
stop actin like u neva even heard of me.
i’m djy, a beast, #1, everybody is affirming me.
i’m hot on tha tracks, like a hoe’s burning weave.
i get money and purp, combined it makes the hulk, i’m turning green.
i get angry in a second, ull be hutin see.
run, i’ll be searcing for ya, so u betta hide where that cutain be.
if i find u, u be saur, then u gone be lurching free.
and if anybody hating, u aint go hear a word from me,
i know i’m a real artist, i didn’t learn where ms.burton teach.
u are listning to the lyrics of a hardworking beast,
djy, raised on the certain streets,
brunswick, va, hard place to be searching see,
aint n*body famous, so why we learning g,
best thang u can be is a docter, but i don’t wanna cut a b.
so djy does wat it do, earning cheese,
sh*t i’m smart enough to drop out, i’m st*rda – free.
and i know my english well, i’m the top honors 3,
a genius, djy, not the pick, the key
yall unlocked a convict from it’s cell,
spiting phenomoly,
yall no match, cuz i’m the one to be,

cut the mic off, they aint ready.

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