do it again lyrics – bone thugs n harmony

let’s do it again
let’s do it again

sweet breeze in the summer time
were makin everything alright
always keep ya hypnotized
we keep ya feelin oh so high

…like its 1999
all over again with all of my hustlas, soldiers by my side
been a long, long ride, im still amazed how the time fly by
a lot of my n*gg*s didn’t make it to see this
but im not gonna cry
we slammin doors on the caddy coupe
after bar groupin
when them n*gg*s was out there shootin
drinkin 40s on the roof
went from zeros to six figures
to seven figures and better
n*gg*s determined to get on the level
down for whatever, chasin that chedda
ride anywhere neccesary, the celebration is neccesary
it’s a hard load to carry
but that there was temporary
i let it relax sometime
just chill out with my money
then when layzie bone is at it again, another summer
lets have a ball n*gg* and keep this one blazin

[chorus x2]

hey they thought it was over
the bone thugs n harmony was finished
but they must of forgot, they forgot how much i rapper like i
sat back recline, and trained my mastermind
came up with a faster rhyme
in time this dogg has got u hypnotized
so i gotta ask them how in the h*ll we gon fall off
when we got half of this industry swingin from our balls
me and dawgs
untouchable, n*gg*s could never see us, never be us
wont even get close enough to try to defeat us
n*gg*s that have they come learn with the milla-meta, meta
livest n*gg*s you ever gonna see ah
talk and get served and you’ll that we be it, runnin the game
still doin our everyday thangs
so i really hope u got you game up
cause we comin hard so don’t get envolved
if ya’ll aint ready to bring ya gangsta

[chorus x2]

you feelin we slippin huh
you think that we missin the 1st of the month
10 years we done been here
we spending them thangs and bringin them guns
yup we better get it, we don’t have that ammunition
but i bet we takin it there
[?] if u wanna run i aint braggin but i keeps it real
you know them thug n*gg*s is gonna bring something
that everybody gonna feel
you ridin and rollin and smokin and bumpin
yeah that’s how i live
and i been here so i live here
wont put me out my crib
my address is the game and my zip it is the hood
we comin back like [?] and water
a couple of shakes and we hittin the hood with that hard
do it again we gotta [?]
and we can do it again and again…

[chorus x2]

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