do the hustle lyrics – guttermouth

hey, how did everybody get in my room?
it’s sat*rday, another perfect day
till i hit the boardwalk
headed toward the peir
you’re f*cking gay!
f*ck you! get outta my way
50, 000 jack-offs
all on rollerblades
greased up dolphin shorts
wrist guards so it won’t hurt
your mediocre girlfriend hits a parked car, yeah
but until the day, you learn to surf or skate
college jack o f*gget
sportin oakley blades yeah
all on rollerblades
crash helmets to be safe, yeah
whoopie, it’s fun to skate
i’ll do a figure 8
watch me do a circle going backwards down the stairs
oh gee, this is fun. looks like i’d better run
14 guys on skateboards
wanna ollie off my head, yeah
this sport is so extreme
you roller disco queen
go and do the hustle
at the rollerwonderland
she blades to shrink her thighs
so she can justify
2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce cheese
pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun
neat, neat, i really think it’s neat
i’m stealing every trick off every skateboarder i meet
neat, neat, i really think it’s neat
you stupid f*gget rollerbladers!
c*m-guzzlin fruitcakes
i hope you break your hands
c*m-guzzlin fruit cake
i hope you break your f*ckin neck!
you stupid rollerblader, get the f*ck outta the way!

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