doe ray me lyrics – eminem

get on yo knees n*gg*, get on yo knees and pray

[radio tuning in]

[ja rule]
em, you claim ya mother’s a crackhead and kim is a known sl*t
what’s hailie gon’ be when she grows up?

[em & hailie]
[e] ah-ha! yeah! c’mon!
g-g-g-g g-unit! hailie
[h] what?
[e] come here baby, bring daddy his oscar
[h] okay
[e] we’re gonna shove it up ja rule’s *ss!
[h – laughs]

[vesre 1]
i’m about to get rid of some hoes, it’s simple
i’m quick to murder ink with lead and talkin’ bout a pencil
lookit what the f*ck you done got into
i see you found yo niche, you just a b*tch wit a menstrol
claimin’ you a murderer and you spelled it wrong
you put ‘e’ before the ‘d’ cuz that’s all you on
you on pac’s d*ck, you a regular guy
if pac was still alive you would never get by
all you do is cry, b*tch keep it real
life is more than imitating n*gg*z and eatin’ pills
and kind of m*th*f*cka ruins three deals
that another n*gg* got you, they didn’t see skills
and i ain’t playin’, you a brother gettin’ cheated

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